2 Pairs of Bat Wings for Boots and Shoes


NOTE: This is priced per pair of shoes, for a total of four wings. If you have a special request for a color combination that you would like, please put in a custom order. We won't charge you extra.


What's the difference between PLA and PETG?

Both are great options that you can choose to best suit your cosplay needs. If a color that you want isn't available in a material you need for your cosplay, contact us directly and we'll either add it to the listing or create a custom order for you.

Biodegradable plastic made from natural materials that break down in an industrial composter. It's a fancy way to say that you don't have to worry about this plastic taking up space in your local landfill. However, it is not water-resistant, which means that it's best for indoor environments.

Lovingly called "Pet Goo" by the shop, this filament is made from recycled water bottles and is water resistant. If you need your accessories to stand up to some rough play, this is the option for you. There may be some loss of detail, but you can always request a photograph of any item before we ship it to you.

- Original Maker (AmieDD) https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:2589190
- Further modifications by @Eurymachus_ (Twitter) / Hachiku (https://www.thingiverse.com/hachiku/)

THIS IS A CREATIVE COMMONS LICENSED WORK. If you use these designs, you must attribute to the designs to the original modeler. That includes modifications to this model that you make. If you resell modified versions on this product, you must attribute the original author.

The author of this make does not endorse the use of this model.


While many listings of this item appear on Etsy, we believe ours is the best.

3D printing involves creating items from virtual models. However, virtual models have to be optimized in order to print both accurately and sturdily. We noticed that many reviews of this model on Etsy and other sites mentioned that the shoelace holes would rip and tear with extended use. We wanted our accessories to last up to the wear and tear we experience on our costumes at cons, so we reinforced the eyelets of each bat wing and used a proprietary experimental printing technique for a more durable, flexible infill.

For more information on the modeling process and our product copyrights, feel free to send us a message!